Live As You Dream


Volcan is nestled in the heart of the western sierras of Panama, on the foothills of a dormant volcano with beautiful scenery and perfect conditions for agriculture. The scenery is some of the most spectacular in Panama. It’s cool and dry (68-75 F) with lush green fields, bright colored flowers, and plants covering nearly every open space in the area. It’s visually stunning, and temperate, offering visitors peace and serenity.

A 40 minute drive from the nearest airport at David, Volcan is a small town perfect for those looking to escape city life and connect with nature.

In addition, it has world class gastronomy: The Culinary Institute of America and The Washington Post have included Chef Patricia Miranda's Cerro Brujo Restaurant in their first "Plant-Forward Global 50" list.

Volcan is also the source of the greatest coffee in the world: Geisha coffee, which holds the world record for the most expensive kilo, sold for $10,000 in 2019.