Invest in a Sustainable Future and Become Part of an Eco-community

Agrorismo above all is based on values. Both Agrorismo´s Eco mountain lots and hydroponic greenhouses are smart investment options into a sustainable future.

Out-of-mega cities lifestyle (Escape to the country), Sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and resource optimization will be the foundation of a safe and responsible eco-community.

We believe in social impact, that is why we employ people from indigenous communities of the area and educate them in our education center. In 2019 we started a reforestation project on the 25-acre Agrorismo property, planting 6.000 cypress trees with a vision of clean air and giving back to mother nature.

All are welcome at Agrorismo with a focus on energy efficiency, reforestation, permaculture, and high-tech hydroponic farming.

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