The Agrorismo High-Tech Agricultural Cluster

As the owner of an Eco Mountain Lot, you are also eligible to additionally purchase a productive Hydroponic Greenhouse unit, a completely turn-key, income-generating real estate opportunity in the nearby Agrorismo High-Tech Agricultural Cluster. Your greenhouse installation is completely and proficiently handled by Agrorismo. You can partner with an established local farm management company that handles the planting, operation, and distribution of your individual greenhouse, generating passive income along the way.
“Investing in agriculture brings one of the highest returns you can have.” – Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting.

Your Own Turn-Key Hydroponic Greenhouse

A full Nave is essentially an entire greenhouse row measuring 1,000 square meters (10,763.9 square feet).

Once the payment is received your greenhouse will be shipped.

Once the greenhouse arrives there are 2 stages which will be completed:

  • The assembly of the Greenhouse
  • The installation of the Irrigation System

This process will be completed within 12 months of you signing the contract and funding your purchase. Your first harvest should occur approximately 90 days after the installation and planting process is complete.

After the delivery and installation of the turn-key Hydroponic Greenhouses, you will be provided with a Certificate of Ownership. We can introduce and you have the option to hire our farm management partner to run the operations of planting, harvesting & distribution of your individual Greenhouse. At the time of writing, since the 2007 reform to the tax code in Panama, your income will be tax free in Panama as long as it remains below the threshold of $350,000.

  Full Nave
Greenhouse size in square meters 1,000


Note: In order to receive information on Economic Data please call or email one of our AG Consultants.

Key Points

Diversification against other asset classes or within your agricultural investment portfolio Own a tangible hard asset: agricultural real estate with a productive hydroponic greenhouse
Full production on or before 12 months after contract signing You have the option to Partner with an established agricultural company
Use of first-class innovative hydroponic technology (NGS) Create employment and sustainable development in the region

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