Get Your Panama Residence and Citizenship in 3 Easy Steps

The Panamanian permanent residence is a very sought-after migration status with many benefits. Below we summarize the process for you to follow with your immigration attorney.

Step 1: Temporary Residence (after 6 months):

  • Visit Panama to start the process (a week more or less) and get the first ID (carnet)
  • Application can take until 6 months to get approved by Migracion but normally takes 2-3 months
  • Once approved, a second visit (always around a week) is necessary to take the picture and get the temporary ID for the first 2 years

Step 2: Permanent Residence (after 2 years):

  • After the first 2 years, the applicant is eligible for a permanent residence status
  • The applicant needs to visit Panama twice and repeat the same process, they did for the temporary ID
  • After a maximum of 6 months (usually 2-3), the Tribunal Electoral hands out the permanent ID (cedula)

Step 3: Naturalization – Citizenship (after 5 years):

  • The applicant will be eligible for a Panamanian citizenship 5 years after starting step two
  • They will have to take an exam about Panamanian history at Tribunal Electoral
  • Approval after 45 days by Sección de Naturalización
  • Issueing new ID card, naturalization letter and passport

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