Eco Mountain Lots

Agrorismo offers the opportunity to invest in 10+ eco mountain lots with sizes ranging between 2 and 2.5 acres in the picturesque mountain village of Volcán, in the agricultural heartland of Panama and world class coffee region. This investment is a great addition to your investment in our Agrorismo greenhouses. Volcan is situated at 1600 above sea level and counts with an established and growing international community enjoying spring temperatures year round.
1 2.16 (8749.22 m2) $300,000
2 2.16 (8749.22 m2) $300,000
3 2.17 (8811.35 m2) $300,000
4 2.17 (8811.35 m2) $300,000
5 2.14 (8687.89 m2) $300,000
6 2.14 (8687.89 m2) $300,000
7 2.07 (8394.75 m2) $300,000
8 2.07 (8394.75 m2) $300,000
9 1.98 (8034.82 m2) $300,000
10 1.98 (8034.82 m2) $300,000
11 2.48 (10026.60 m2) $300,000
12 2.49 (10075.11 m2) $300,000
13 2.35 (9520.00 m2) $300,000
14 2.48 (10048.79 m2) $300,000
15 2.47 (10016.11 m2) $300,000
16 2.08 (8417.96 m2) $300,000

Key Points

Quick access to Volcan town center (5 min drive) High privacy within the gated community with paved road access
Services: Internet available, Solar power and water re-circulation system Spectacular Mountain views and Baru national park trekking trails right from your door step
Rising land prices due to developing public infrastructure and growing international community    

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Your Ideal Retirement Place and/or Plan B

– Volcan is an ideal retirement place and/or Plan B with abundance of international restaurants and hotels and – easy access to supermarkets, medical services, churches, postal services. The International Airport of David is a 40km drive.

– Panama offers friendly residence programs with easy path to citizenship, an optimal taxation system and low cost of living.

– Perfect location to escape big cities and enjoy mountain views and perfect temperature at only 2h drive to both Caribbean and Pacific Ocean beaches.

Invest in a Sustainable Future and Become Part of an Eco-Community

– Eco-community design with farm to fork food integration.

– Breathe better with clean mountain air.

– Grid independence with access to solar power and water re-circulation.

Excellent Investment Opportunity

– Dubbed the “Hub of the Americas”, Panama is fully dollarized and the fastest-growing economy in Latin America.

– Chiriqui is a region with developing infrastructure including the expansion of the International Airport of David, a new highway connecting to Panama City, new hospitals and health center, improving connectivity to the Caribbean beaches of Bocas del Toro etc.

– Volcan is an established eco-touristic site and is attracting a growing international community.

Buy your Piece of Paradise

– Established eco-tourism region with coffee related activities (coffee tasting, production tours).

– Lots of outdoor activities including hiking, trekking, horseback riding, fishing, birdwatching and wildlife).

– Wellness : thermal waters and pristine (mineral) water access.

– Average 12 hours of sunlight per day.


How secure is my purchase?

Your purchase of the lot will be agreed upon in a contract, verified by a notary and as the new owner of the land will be registered under your name or the name of your company with the municipality register. You will hold the property titles.

Can I build a house on my Eco Mountain Lot?

Absolutely. Whether you would like to build a house and live on the property or just own it as an investment is up to you.
Annual income from your greenhouse is paid in the first quarter of each year.

Are there any building limitations?


Can I liquidate my investment at any time?

Yes, you can sell your property to another buyer at any time.

What taxes need to be considered?

At the moment of purchase you will incur minor administration fees with the notary and the inscription in the local property register. We expect legal enclosing fees to be around 2% of your purchase.
We recommend that you check with a local lawyer whether you apply for the yearly property tax.

Can I use this investment to apply for Panamanian residency or citizenship?

Yes, depending on the investment structure you use, this investment can indeed be used to apply for Panamanian residency and ultimately citizenship. For more information we can put you in contact with our lawyers who’ll be able to assist you with this process.