5 Retirement Benefits in Panama You Should Not Miss

Panama has become one of the world’s top retirement havens.
Beautiful beaches, lush mountains, rich biodiversity and a capital city that rivals many U.S. and European cities in terms of culture, atmosphere, and conveniences, entice expats from around the world in search of new experiences and a change of scenery during retirement. International Living ranked Panama the world’s best retirement haven on its 2019 annual list.

Please see below 5 retirement benefits in Panama.

1. Hub: Panama has long been known as the “hub of the Americas”, and one of the most significant transportation and logistics countries in the world. Panama has some of the most international flights leaving and arriving (connections or otherwise) in the world, and certainly the region, with more being added every year. Panama also facilitates the world’s biggest ships, and plays a part in practically every facet of global, sea-based trade in the western hemisphere, especially cross-oceanic trade. This distiction, as the “hub of the Americas”, is more than just a marketing ploy, too. Panama’s role as a travel, trade, and logistics hub has both built its economy, and continues to help sustain it now and into the future.

2. Medical facilities: Panama also provides affordable, good-quality healthcare. For instance, the Johns Hopkins affiliated Punta Pacifica Hospital is considered to be the most technologically advanced medical center in Latin America. Most Panamanian doctors are trained abroad (e.g. United States), which means that the standards of care are very similar to U.S. or Europe.

3. Tropical wheater: located just north of the Equator the climate is warm all year. The climate in Panama is similar to many tropical Central American countries, which boast a warm climate and lots of sun hours for much of the year. Panama, although a relatively small nation, also experiences a range of weather conditions depending on the area; some parts are much hotter and drier than others, while others are much cooler and refreshing.

Although Panama has exposure to the Caribbean Ocean the hurricane belt does not extend to Panamanian geography. In fact, only one hurricane – Martha – has ever made landfall in Panama and that was in 1969.

4. Fiscal advantages: Panama’s legal and tax structures make it a pure tax haven. Panama imposes no income, corporate, capital gains, or estate taxes on offshore entities that only engage in business outside of the jurisdiction.

5. Easy way to Residence & Citizenship + special benefits for retirees – including those from abroad.

Start your residence process in Panama is extremelly easy. Kindly read our article “Your Step From Residence to Citizenship”.

Fabulous discounts are appied to retirees, please see below the various perks:

  • 25% off flights (domestic and international)
  • 50% off entertainment.
  • 30% off public transportation.
  • 25% off restaurants.
  • 25% off utilities (electrical, telephone and water)
  • And more…

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