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With perfect weather, nestled in the mountains of Panama, and direct access to markets, an airport, and a flourishing agricultural community, Agrorismo is the ideal place to invest.

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Why Agrorismo?

Residency by investment

New category of Panama permanent residency (PR) as qualified investor launched in October 2020 with a minimum investment in real estate of US$ 500,000*

*Opportunity of residence for 300,000!
The applicant can obtain permanent residence by investing US $300,000 in real estate during the program’s first 24 months.
This benefit expires in October 2022.

generate a return on the Investment

Agrorismo offers the ability to maximize your investment through tourism rentals.

Agrorismo takes care of the booking, management, and maintenance of the property, while the owner receives the rental income.

With each villa expected to generate a return on investment of 5-7%, investors can build additional villas and increase their revenues.

world’s best place to retire in 2022

With a tropical climate, world-class hospitals and medicine, low taxes, many benefits for retirees, low crime rates, solid infrastructure and great people, it's no wonder Panama has once again been voted the best place to be during your golden years.

Whether you prefer beautiful beaches, peaceful mountains, rugged highlands or fast-paced cities, Panama has a place for everyone. Additionally, it is one of the world's three carbon-negative countries, helping the world fight against global warming.


The Panamanian region of Volcan is the home of Geisha coffee, the best coffee in the world. Geisha has the world record for the most expensive kilo of coffee ever sold, closing at an incredible $10,000 in 2019. Perched on the sides of a dormant volcano, nestled in the northern highlands of Chiriquí province, the land is blessed with volcanically enriched soil, abundant moisture, regular rainfall, dense vegetation, and cloud cover to nourish the coffee trees. With multiple microclimates, Volcan is home to dozens of producers with a great variety and consistently winning prizes for quality and taste around the world.


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