Own Your Turn-key Hydroponic Greenhouse in Panama's Agriculture Heartland

You now have the opportunity to own an agricultural real estate with a productive hydroponic greenhouse. This is a completely turn-key, hands-off opportunity: you buy and own your greenhouse but we handle the installation, planting and harvesting. If you are interested in acquiring our Eco Mountain Lots for an easy path to Panamanian residency please find more information here.

The process is straightforward:

Step 1 - Purchase

You complete our reservation form for the purchase of a Hydroponic Greenhouse. There are two sizes available: a full nave, which is essentially a complete greenhouse row measuring 1,000 square meters (10,763.9 square feet) or a quarter cluster measuring 2,500 square meters (26,909.78square feet).

Once payment is received your greenhouse will be purchased and shipped.

Step 2 - Installing & Planting

Once the greenhouse arrives there are 3 stages which will be completed by our farm management team for you:

  1. The assembly of the Greenhouse
  2. The installation of the NGS Irrigation System
  3. The planting of the seedlings

This process will all be completed within 12 months of you signing the contract and funding your investment. Your first harvest should occur approximately 90 days after the installation and planting process is complete. Hydroponics allows us to harvest all year round.

Step 3 - Harvesting & Distribution

Your farm management partner, will run the operations of harvesting & distribution and at the time of writing, since the 2007 reform to the tax code in Panama, your income will be tax free in Panama as long as it remains below the threshold of $350,000.

  Full Nave Quarter Cluster
Greenhouse size in square meters 1,000 2,500
Purchase Price $196,000 $480,000


Note: We currently have limited availability for strawberries. Annual projected ROI is up to 16.8%. For a detailed calculation please contact us.

Greenhouses Expansion

Key Points

Diversification against other asset classes or within your agricultural investment portfolio Own a tangible hard asset: agricultural real estate with a productive hydroponic greenhouse
Full production on or before 12 months after contract signing Partner with an established agricultural company
Use of first-class innovative hydroponic technology (NGS) Create employment and sustainable development in the region

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How secure is my purchase?

Your purchase is backed by a property title, an invoice, a contract and a farm management agreement which provides you with proof of ownership of the real estate and the greenhouse, equipment and plants matching, as well as our farm management responsibilities to you.

When will I get my first harvest?

Your NGS hydroponic greenhouse will be installed and planted within 12 months after you fund your purchase. The NGS system promotes early first harvest, meaning it will be approximately 3 months later. Your crop will be brought to market by your farm management partner.
Annual income from your greenhouse is paid in the first quarter of each year.

Can I liquidate my investment at any time?

Yes, your purchase is fully transferrable. The purchasing party will have to agree to all clauses and responsibilities within the farm management agreement. There will be only a small administrative fee for the transfer, although all legal costs will have to be borne by one of either the selling or purchasing parties.

What taxes need to be considered?

Because of the incentives the Panamanian government offers to agriculture related projects, your income return should be tax free in the Republic of Panama. However depending on the tax laws in your country of residence and the structure you chose to invest, you may have to declare and pay taxes on the returns from this investment in your country of residence or citizenship. We always suggest you seek advice from an official tax consultant if you’re not sure.
Regarding the signing process with notaries, you can expect one time legal enclosing fees of approx 2%.

What happens after 30 years?

When the initial investment term of 30 years is completed, you will be able to re-invest for another term at discounted rates.

Can this purchase be funded by a self-directed US IRA?

Yes, this hydroponic farming purchase can be fully funded by a self-directed U.S. individual retirement account (IRA).

Can I use this purchase to apply for Panamanian residency or citizenship?

Yes, depending on the investment structure you use, this investment can indeed be used to apply for Panamanian residency and ultimately citizenship. For more information we can put you in contact with our lawyers who’ll be able to assist you with this process.