Real Estate

AGRORISMO: Intelligent investment in times of uncertainty.

We live in troubled times.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the world has entered a spiral of uncertainty about the years ahead, the health of the economy and its social consequences.

In this context, projects such as Agrorismo become a fundamental alternative for investors who want to protect their capital, for those who are looking for a quiet country to spend their retirement or who are looking to opt for a second residence for investment, in a nation that also offers low tax burdens that do not penalize your assets, with an aerial connection to the whole world and the advantage offered by a dollarized economy.

Agrorismo is a real estate development project, divided into large lots ranging from 3,500 to 10,000 square meters, located in the highlands of Panama with an enviable temperate mountain climate, native nature and an eco-friendly design that integrates solar energy, spring waters, along with the best fresh air you can find.

Nowadays, Panama offers, like few other countries, the possibility of opting for a second residence for investment in a very expeditious way and without great demands to maintain it over time. It could even be said that today, and until October 2022, this benefit is active “on sale” for investors starting at 300 thousand dollars. After that period, the investment and the second residence program will start at 500 thousand dollars.

Within the Agrorismo business model, phase 1 contemplates creating lots of 10,000 square meters, with beautiful houses with Italian finishes, which will be managed by the real estate company to obtain benefits for their owners through tourism rentals. Thus, investors will be able to have an annual return on their invested capital, while the land continues to value over time. Obviously an intelligent investment, which seeks that your assets are not static and are integrated into the dynamic cycle of its economy.

In addition, in accordance with global trends, Agrorismo integrates the possibility of making payments through cryptocurrencies to finalize the investment.

In business matters, Panama is considered the hub of the Americas for many reasons: it has a modern airport with direct flights to the main cities of the world; a powerful international business center, regional headquarters of important multinationals such as Adidas, Movistar, Nestlé, Under Armour, Huawei, Samsung, LG, among many others. You can include heavenly beaches, a large community of foreigners from all over the world, low taxes and a solid health system to the list of positive reasons.

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