On Agrorismo

“We must, therefore, pursue the things that make for happiness, seeing that when happiness is present, we have everything; but when it is absent, we do everything to possess it.”


5000 years ago Epicurus wrote that  a community of good friends, healthy living and clean air, and personal freedom  was the solution to  happiness.  Hippocrates wrote that a guarantee of health was clean food and water.

We have ignored these simple truths for the last 5000 years. It is only now that we are beginning to realise that we cannot be happy without having clean air, organically grown non polluted food, and a community of like minded people who allow us the freedom to be who we are.

Ayn Rand and many before her have shown us that no state, political organisation or system can ever ensure our happiness. History shows us that she is right. By taking away from us and controlling our finances our freedoms, our privacy and indeed our health large governments can only take away our happiness,   and our wealth.   Large organisations of people enforced by armies, police, taxation and wars have been the foundation of empire based societies from the Aztecs to Soviet Russia. The message has always been the same, to sacrifice ourselves, our taxes, our happiness and the happiness of our children for a “greater good”.

Today  the greater good  is the fact that whole populations are being forced to eat genetically modified foods, breathe toxic and polluted,  subject themselves to highly  dangerous and dysfunctional medical systems, and pay high taxes to support and house people  with whom they do not wish to live and in many cases  who hate them because they are wealthy or have a different religion. Today the very earth on which we live is dying under an onslaught of ever greater exploitation  backed by multinational corporations who have patented and modified the very seeds of life itself.

We ask do we not owe it to our children to find a better way ?  But this way has always existed as part of an ancient and still remembered knowledge.

As the  Native Americans   have said : Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children. – Tribe Unknown

Many people are returning now to these ancient wisdoms because they know that they contain fundamental truths which have been buried but not forgotten. Great thinkers like Kroptkin and Leo Tolstoi having seen the dangers of centralised government, have looked to ancient peoples and tribes such as the native americans who live in a decentralised, cooperative, non violent communities. As Tolstoi wrote: “The truth is that the State is a conspiracy designed not only to exploit, but above all to corrupt its citizens… Henceforth, I shall never serve any government anywhere”

These are not some obscure utopian thinking but the seedlings of  a whole as yet not fully articulated way of thinking and living that has its roots in communal ways of living as old as mankind itself.  All over the world, even now we find such communities existing and flourishing within  state borders but yet somehow having minimal interaction with the state. modern examples are the israeli Kibbutz, the semi autonomous indigenous tribes of Panama and Latin America, and the farming mennonite communities of Belize.

Whilst the philsophies we have articulated here have many roots, they all combine into one tree – we call this Agrorismo

First coined by  Samuel Konkin, This is a call to the classic word ἀγορά (agora) was a referral to an open place for assembly and market in a πόλις (polis, ancient Greek city-states). Konkin characterized agorism as a movement  which stressed the importance of alternative strategies outside political systems to achieve a free society. Agorists claimed that such a society could be freed more readily by employing methods such as education, direct action, alternative currencies, entrepreneurship, self sufficiency, civil and “counter-economics”.

However we do believe that times have considerably changed since Konkin’s writings. In the 1960–70s there was an abundance of political alienation in the United States and other countries in the world, particularly for those in favor of libertarian ideologies.

In the XXI century and particularly after the 2008 global crisis (which meant a loss of faith in Governments and Banks as well as other centralized Institutions) the advent of cryptography and blockchain have brought decentralization, consensus, governance and other transparency concepts to the mainstream audience.

Today the agrorismo tree has been firmly planted and is ready to bear  fruit.

We wish to set out the multiple possibilities of Agrorismo as both a way of thinking, a way of living, a way of increasing and preserving wealth, a way of learning and a culture. But in the same way a biosphere is much more than the sum of the plants and animals living within it -so too agrorismo can be decribed  as a movement that is ready to become its own world both in real and cyberspace.  Below we touch on some of the endless applications of the evolution of the Agoirismo movement.



The Concept of an organic farm to table sustainable lifestyle community has now evolved with the application of blockchain technology permitting the organic trace and management of entire farming communities including hydro and aquaponic and orchard management and certification.  For the first time in history cyber villages and cities can be run transparently, sustainably and using the latest  Permaculture management techniques and governance.  These communities can be and are being located in countries such as Panama where there is minimal interference by the state and no income tax on foreign sourced income. Agrorismo is thus able to guarantee clean water, air and food around a living community sharing in the economic growth potential of the business.  In order to go forward Agrorismo is looking back to a time where work, play, schooling, and income were located in the one space leading to greater satisfaction in life and greater happiness.



Agroculture  is a sustainable organic, ergonomic, farming system using blockchain and certification to ensure and guarantee a true fully organic farm to table concept. Agroculture insists on certification of the farm in accordance with the highest international organic standards. The concept of permaculture is used in conjunction with sustainable systems such as aquaponics, aquaculture, and biodynamic farming systems creating unique farming biospheres where everything is utilized and nothing is wasted. Agroculture involves a total elimination of GMO seeds and plants, the integration of bees, organic fertilisers and organic non toxic pesticides and technology which eliminates harmful or toxic chemichals used in traditional farming.  The Agrovillage is surrounded and part of Agrocultural projects. Agroculture seeks to be a continuously open ended evolving concept with input from the entire Agrorismo community.  The Israeli experiment with hydroponic technologies demonstrates clearly that we have the capacity and technology to make use of even desert wastelands and turn them into Oasis. Closed systems created for space travel demonstrate that all waste can be utilised with minimal or no impact on the environment. imagine how much more we can all do together when we utilize mankind’s entire database of sustainable organic agriculture and combine with blockchain. What can be achieved is a Biosphere where the entire farming process of acquaculture, permaculture, aquaponics, animal husbandry is integrated into a zero waste system which is fully sustainable permanent and organic.  Join us.



Agrotourism incorporates eco-lodges into the Agrovillage, maximising the farm to table eco tourism experience. Eco lodges will be built on agrovillage projects allowing for the highest standards of gastronomic and leisure experiences including organic farm tours, farm to table food tastings, horse riding, sauna and spa expereinces utilizing the surrounding agrovillage as a living experience. This brings sustainable economic returns to the village investors.



Investors in Agrorismo will be able to see multiple income streams from land banking, organic farm exports, eco tourism and residential developments whilst at the same time having access to the Agrorismo lifestyle.  As an example an Agrorismo organic farm and land banking development is currently being developed in Volcan Panama where there has been a surge in infrastructure spending and immigration and where land values are expected to rise significantly.



The agrorismo community has created an evolutionary cybertechnology which is an improvement on the internet itself and can be utilized to run the entire global network of Agrorismo projects and communities  in a manner that is decentralized and impossible to control by any one system. This will eventually unite our community into an agro world of  Gult users. This is an organic utilisation of blockchain via a branched network called the Block tree. The blocktree represents a rich, self-contained world, with causality and enforceable laws for it’s participants. By using relative proofs based on perspectives, relative truths and consensus can be reached, lost, and reachieved flexibly, in ways that blockchains are unable to replicate. This blocktree of relative truth, or truth good enough for a community, is superior to blockchains of absolute truth for human contracts, firms, and governments



Today organic standards, certification and products can be manipulated, subverted and overtaken by large corporations which care nothing about the earth or human health. In order to avoid the ambush of our concepts and produce, Agrorismo will incorporate blockchain into its organic certification system to eliminate all GMO seeds, pollutants, chemicals, toxins and inorganic pesticides from its supply chain.  We know that conglomerates such as Monsanto are forcing entire countries to use their genetically modified seeds in their farming methods and this is becoming more difficult to trace  and control. The label organic has in many cases lost its meaning as each countries certification systems are different and indeed in many cases there are multiple unreliable certification systems in each country.

The Agrorismo Tardemark incorporates the Agrorismo organic certification system, which ensures that any product, investment, community or  farm produce that carries the Agrorismo trademark has been certified in accordance with our standards and philosophy. By utilizing the strict organic standards included in the certification process Agrorismo community will be able to help the world evolve into a fairer, happier, and healthier place, one organic community at a time.  As The Chinese say “The journey of a thousand miles begin with the first step”,  Agrorismo asks what if we all take this step together ?