“…Permaculture teaches us to look closely and see clearly Nature as it really is, this then permeates into all aspects of our lives , if we see clearly we can see the entire cosmos in our morning cup of tea, if we look at a fruit tree or flower we can see the interconnectedness of everything…”


Letters from the farm : Louis O Connor

…some of my earliest and most treasured memories from childhood are from visiting one of the most beautiful places on earth which are the islands and peninsulas of West Cork in the Republic of Ireland. I am originally from Dublin which is not too far from West Cork but a world away in terms of the beauty of the landscape and the friendliness of the people. This was the early 1970’s and West Cork was already (and still is today) producing the most extraordinary cheeses and other organic produce  and people were  already flocking from all over Western Europe to holiday there and experience the 40 shades of green in the pastures and fields of what is now the organic capital of Europe. Not surprisingly this area is now  one of the top “artisan foodie”  destinations of all the world.

I have since made Panama my home long ago however the highlands of Chiriqui, the areas on and surrounding the slopes of Volcan Baru remind me of those Summer days in West Cork. Our first “Agrorismo” farm sits 2.5 km’s from the town center of Volcan and at 1500 metres above sea level we enjoy Spring weather all year round, neither air conditioning or heating are needed.

There are many good reasons why we have chosen Panama as the country for Agrorismo and also many good reasons why we are based in Chiriqui however we have chosen the town of Volcan on the slopes of Volcan Baru as our spiritual homeland as well as the location for our farms because it is now home , a destination that is the agricultural heart land of Panama with the cleanest , purest water one will ever taste and simultaneously has become the number 1 retirement destination for north americans to retire to….

..our love of organic  farming , libertarian lifestyle and philosophy of Agrorism make Panama and the highlands of Chiriqui the only choice  for us as it mixes and meets our principles for creating a self sustainable community of like minded individuals and so we have chosen Volcan as our home to build this community.