Agrorismo, Blockchain Utopia And Chiriqui (Panama’s Agroheartland)

Samuel Konkin’s call to the classic word ἀγορά (agora) was a referral to an open place for assembly and market in a πόλις (polis, ancient Greek city-states). Konkin characterized agorism as a form of left-libertarianism or left-wing market anarchism opposing electoral voting and political reform; it stressed the importance of alternative strategies outside political systems to achieve a free society.
Agorists claimed that such a society could be freed more readily by employing methods such as education, direct action, alternative currencies, entrepreneurship, self sufficiency, civil disobedience and “counter-economics”.

However we do believe that times have considerably changed since Konkin’s writings. In the 1960–70s there was an abundance of political alienation in the United States and other countries in the world, particularly for those in favor of libertarian ideologies.
In the XXI century and particularly after the 2008 global crisis (which meant a loss of faith in Governments and Banks as well as other centralized Institutions) the advent of cryptography and blockchain have brought decentralization, consensus, governance and other transparency concepts to the mainstream audience.

Following wider and wider adoption rates, the so called “cryptocurrency utopia”, a city built on digital currencies and powered by the blockchain has been sought after.
There is a firm belief that blockchain technology has the capabilities to reinvent the world and a willingness to show everyone what a world run by crypto and distributed ledger technology could look like.

We hereby see an incredible synergy between “Agrorismo” (and its related innovative permaculture patterns that are replicable models to repeat in diverse design settings) and crypto utopias.

We hereby suggest that the current ideal setting is in Panama’s agro heartland, Chiriqui which is currently being recipient of substantial national and international infrastructure investment (including highways, a fast train and medical and university facilities).

Panama is an almost tax-free nation; no worldwide income taxes or capital
gains tax and on top of that, business taxes are quite favorable. At present, the local government is receptive towards the crypto utopians.